Spa wellness Massage
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prizes might vary!
Caution: makes you feel better, stronger and lighter
Choose from light, firm or deep pressure

A: Just Relax
Relax! Take a deep breath and give in to long soothing effleurage and deeper slow muscle melting stretches. Preventive health care is on the top list in your life? So start right now, get up and come!
European Massage 
$90/ 70 min.
a medley of light to strong
Swedish Massage
$75/70 min.
lovable light and calming
Firm Massage
$85/60 min.
who wouldn't love firm pressure but not too deep strokes?
Face toning Massage
30min. $40 (great to enhance ea.massage) 
a  cleansing, toning and a dreamlike massage
B: Pure Health
you suffer general ouches, muscular fatigue, sport related discomfort,  frozen shoulder syndrome, muscular pain etc.
Strong - Deep Tissue Massage
 $90/1 hour or $110 for 80min.
working out the persistent knots on the back and neck area
mostly on the back, neck and shoulders. Real deep!
AIS/ROM/Sport Massage
 $70/1 hour
a warming workout for the whole body = passive fitness creates  better range of motion
C: Freedom from Pain
e.g. neck pain, migraine, TMJ, frozen shoulder syndrome, muscular pain
Face, Neck & strong Shoulder Massage
60min. $75
Ayurvedic Marma Massage
$85/1 hour
         the Indian Ayurveda approach based on the Dosha theory -
         highly soothing! Incl. lymph drainage of the face and neck.
Hot Stone  Massage
 $90 for 70 min.
         the warmth of my hands & stones soften knotty areas!
         NEW! with the Rolling Technique
D: Dance again
experience a joyful whole body massage like never before
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
$85/1 hour or $110 for 90min.
a dance like massage with long stretching movements and forearm deep massage strokes
Head to Toe Acupressure Reflexology 
$90/1 hour
              get the spring back in your body and feet!
E: Baby Boomers age 65 and up
e.g. after hip replacement, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular pain, lower back pain, scoliosis, SI joint discomfort
65 + Massage
65min. $65
get a massage tailored to your specific needs
F: Add On's which heighten your massage experience
Added Hot Stones
 as add on for all Massages $8
Candle Massage 
as add on $10
the warm massage wax is drizzled over your back and thoroughly massaged in for a excellent skin hydration
Spa Massage Scrubs
 20min. $45 (includes warm shower) 
Sweet Honey Almond = deep hydrating
Repechage's Cranberry Apple Glow = refreshing
Sea Salt Glow = cleansing, cooling, refreshing
G: Body Pearls  ~ a Mini Vacation per Excellence
Sweetheart $180
  • Sweet Honey Scrub, Seaweed Back Soother & Bliss Massage
Lounge Darling $195
  • Seaweed Back Soother & European Massage with Foot Scrub and hot towels
Red Carpet $230
  • Sweet Honey Scrub, Seaweed Back & Foot Soother & Deluxe Massage with hot towels
Spa Lounge goes Indian $290
Ayurveda Massage, Shirodhara & Marma Face Massage
warm Ayurveda Bindi oil is first gently massaged in for one hour, the Shirodhara is when the warm oil is  drizzled over your forehead and the face massage gets you right to NIRVANA
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