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Study what you love

Hi friends,
I just got back from a 10 day massage class I taught in Germany.
It was intense (9 hours/day) but so wonderful. Everyday was packed with hands- on training hours and a lot of teaching of anatomy,physiology and pathophysiology.
Every morning a student or me would bring a song, a poem or a recipe to share.
We finished lots of "Rittersport" chocolate bars, drank tons of water, teas as well as coffee.
I felt blessed having this wonderful people around me plus a wonderful young girl who finished a two-weeks internship at my spa.
One day she will get her hands "creamy" by studying massage in the future.
We need people who want to learn and understand that working in the field of massage is about
  • health
  • healthy life style (sleep and wakefulness)
  • preventive care
  • knowledge of current medical findings
  • massage research
  • knowledge of the human body
and so on.
I am already planning another round in summer. Whoever wants to join in, just check my website, pack up and join me.
Greetings from my desk,