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May is for Mom's

May is for Mom's
actually I believe every day is Mom's day.
Yet it is great to stay still for one day and reflect on what our Mom's do or did for us.
When I ask my clients and friends what the biggest event was in their lives, they all say: becoming a Mom.
It is a profession being a Mom. It is a learning by doing kind of job. And it is unpaid!!  Mom's must love the life in general to show that to a new generation.
My Mom loved me and I could feel her love and most of all I could see it.
Let's cheer to our Mom's and keep her close to our hearts.
For one day give her what she want's and than keep doing that as long as she is around
Have fun and good times together.
Maybe she will show up at my doorsteps and than my door is open for her!
Regina from Spa Lounge