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Hello everybody,

it is already March and we all just settled into the new year. How about your new year resolutions you promised to yourself?
Are they still standing and sticking?

My new year resolution was to not travel too much abroad and take more time for myself.
Okay, the first part is in the works.
The second part is working too, hurra!
Actually it is a resolution not only for me. It is a resolution I want my clients to experience as well when they come to my place.
Spa Lounge should never be an in- and-out place to go. Checking in, getting the treatment, cheking out what means often to stay in line to pay.
Imagine to linger a bit more on the massage table, getting up in no hurry because the room is needed for the next client. Instead sitting in the Lounge, sipping a cup of tea, munching on peanuts and call ME when you are ready to go. Stretching the hour massage into a mini vacation. Choosing from a menu of add-ons.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Yet if you are busy and kind of in a hurry that is okay too because you are calling the shots, right?
But remember, we can choose how w live and I offer you something to take advantage of.

In health and always your spa friend,