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Feeling strong

Do you feel strong?

Right now the world cup is in full swing.
All players have their place in the game. It is expected that all do their job. 100%.
But what does it take to be on top of the game?
It's being prepared, go to training every day and look at your goals.
How do you feel?
Are you fit for work and play?
How do you treat yourself in between of all your tasks?
Do you take time to scan your own well-being?
Even as no world class players we are able to stay fit like a pro.
The counterbalance of passive fitness is as important as the active training.
A good night sleep with REM and non rem phases as well as time to unwind and reflect.

Let's see how the soccer teams (my favorite team is Germany but I also vote for the US boys) are doing since the game is on.
Go out and play, hydrate and be merry.